How to meet her sexual needs without any awkwardness!


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Commitment is one thing that isn’t a priority for most people. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t sexual needs to be met. This is where the cookie/dick appointments come in handy. Nonetheless, there are a few places where men go wrong when we invite them to come get some. Here is a guideline on how to do this right.

Do Not Kiss And Tell. This is the most important rule. Whatever arrangements you make with a lady should be between just you two. Your bros do not need to know what you did or did not do. Some even go ahead and recommend their friends to a lady they’ve had sex with. This is a behaviour that is not only disgusting but also degrades a woman. Long gone are the days when women felt ashamed about their sexual activity. When you go around telling people that you two had sex, she could easily turn the tables. She can say you came prematurely and that you have a baby’s mjulubeng.

No Cameras. I have never understood why guys insist on making a sex video. It is something very uncomfortable for a woman, keeping in mind that the video might get leaked. So have the decency of keeping the phone away. Do not pressure the lady in making a video before, during or after sex.

Do Not Cancel. Women put a lot into these appointments, physically and emotionally.  Do not let all the waxing go to waste. There is no possible emergency that should make you cancel a cookie appointment. Trust me, she will never invite you again after you stand her up.

Have Personal Hygiene. Personal hygiene is something that should not even be a matter of discussion. You cannot expect her to let you in her bed smelling like you haven’t seen water in a long time. She will not even come close to you. So, take a shower and piga perfume. Have Easy-To-Remove Clothes make sure that when you go for a cookie appointment the clothes you have on are easy to take off. Do not kill the mood by struggling to take off your jeans. This is an in and out appointment. Time is what matters. Making her sit and wait for you to get undressed just spoils everything. I would recommend having sweatpants on.

Feed What You Eat. When you go visit a girl make sure you have something to eat. Do not expect her to cook for you. Some will, depending on how much she likes you. However, having takeaway food saves on time compared to her wasting an hour cooking.

Foreplay. Make sure that you’re on top of your game when it comes to foreplay. It’s no lie that women like their cookies eaten. So please, do so like you have never seen food the whole week. The more the foreplay, the more she will enjoy the sex and the higher the chances of you getting another appointment.

Do Not Feel At Home. When you get to her place do not take your time to feel cozy and at home. Get to work and finish what brought you there. Also, do not make yourself comfortable and overstay your visit. You are allowed 10-30 minutes to recover and maybe a drink. After that, please show yourself out. You should also not leave any of your clothing in her place. This is an excuse for you to want to come back.


Do Not Start A Conversation About The Appointment. After the sex, do not discuss how it was. Do not tell her which style she did right or what you enjoyed most. This can go very badly for you. Maybe you were really bad in bed. You will put her in a position where she will have to lie to you that you handled her really well. She already faked her moans, don’t make her fake twice.

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