Guuurl get ahead of the corny games!


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Understanding a man’s phone game is a daunting experience especially because some men are not quite expressive. Sometime he will be on phone calling you endlessly other times he won’t make a single call. Other times he’ll reply your texts the next time he’ll claim he lost his phone. There are three phone games you have to understand

  1. The exposes.

There are these type of guys who post different chics on his social media pages regarding to them as baes. Well that one is a predator. He displays them in order to win their affection and make them feel as Miss. Right. Who doesn’t want to be posted and displayed to everyone? Once Mr. WhatsApp gets to smash them he dumps them. Should you break up with such an ex watch how he reacts. He’ll probably commence posting photos of hotter chics than you. Don’t view his status. Just assume he never posted those chics. Don’t even question him about it. Choose to ignore or Mute his status updates. He’ll soon get tired and you’ll retain the peace. And you know what? You’ll retain your power.

  1. Free up my Phone.

Don’t be fooled yet, because he gives you his phone freely. Well he only hands you his phone after clearing any evidence of his side chics. Why does he avoid some calls when you are with him, could it be that his side chic calls him whenever you are with him? Take a keen note on how he pretends to be sneering when the “sumbua” calls. Well sorry to burst the bubble that’s his other chic calling. And he definitely will call back once you are not around him .Does he erase some of the texts you send him. Also check out for incoherent conversations on his phone. How exactly has he saved you? Cite the excuses he gives such as “I don’t want my boys to steal your Number”


  1. Calling Season.

Some guys have a ‘mating season’. And during this mating season your phone will ring endlessly. Take keen of this type of guys who call endlessly until you are fully convinced that he is ‘the one’ Once ‘gongas your shipoto’, he’s gone for good Ma’ he’ll never call you up not even in his wildest dreams. He’ll discard your number and or block you. The next time you call him he’ll avoid you like a plague. Sorry Ma wait till the next ‘mating season’ maybe your phone will ring again.

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