6 Types of Dates for Kenyan Campo Love birds


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Fine. I’m sorry for calling people who are in love, birds. I also have no idea who came up with that term-lovebirds. My main focus is on dating. I have an idea of who came up with the word date, it must have been the calendar right? When was the last time you went on a date? Perhaps you and your bae meet up every weekend and have an awesome time together. In campus though, here are ideas of dates you might want to try.

1. Picnic date

Pack some food and drinks and go to a park or some quiet place with your partner. It sounds weird but hey, you won’t know for sure till you try. The food can simply be a cooked meal such as rice, spaghetti, roast potatoes. Don’t go for ugali. That is just too much food for a date. Ugh. The last thing you want is to feel sleepy on your date! If you’re not into preparing meals, sandwiches and some soft drinks will do. Oh, and by the way, you better pick a warm and sunny day to have your picnic.

2. Movie date

Let’s make something clear, I don’t mean a “Netflix and chill” kinda movie date. No. It’s not about calling her over to your place and you play a movie on your laptop. Go out. Watch a movie at a cinema. Save up and take her to watch something she’ll find interesting. Movies bring out lots of emotions. And you know what happens after emotions right?

3. Sports date

If rugby is your thing, take her to the next match. If you’re a football fan, make sure she’s screaming (see what I

Campo love birds on a date

did there?) and cheering for your favorite team. You will connect with her more. There will just be so much energy with the two of you jumping and laughing and booing and discussing scores even if she doesn’t get what the fuss is all about. Yeah, getting questions like, “Aren’t they tired of running across the field?” Okay, that’s a lie. She definitely does know a thing or two about sports if you’re a sports fanatic.

4. Double date

Two couples having fun. Organize with another pair of friends that are also in love. Go out the four of you, play pool, go swim, hiking, get some nyama choma. Whatever tickles your fancy. Just make sure to have fun by involving other people. Preferably a couple just like you. Make it lit.

5. Dinner date

If you’ve got the time for it, take her out for some dinner. Yes, buy her ugali and fish. It’s that simple. If you have the mullah, take her out to some fancy place. She’ll love you for it. But she better be someone you’ve been in a relationship with for a while. The last thing you want is her ditching you after she’s had her expensive meal.

6. Stay at home date

I can see the wicked smile on your face. You know what a stay at home date means. Just picture two people, young people, full of energy doing nothing but just closed behind a room THE WHOLE DAY. Do you think they’ll spend time ironing clothes or baking cakes? Do the math. (wink wink).



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