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More than half of the girls in our generation have daddy issues. It’s not something anyone prays for. No one chooses where they are born or who their parents are. Daddy issues come in many different forms. They could stem from a deadbeat dad, a dad who does not show interest in his daughter, an abusive dad, and many others. The ripple effect is, however, the same.

The signs of having daddy issues are very clear when you in a relationship. The girl is mostly emotionally unstable and you be competing with the accomplishments of the father. it is worse when the father is successful and she is hot! Immediate road kill. These kind of relationships are not for the faint hearted.

These are girls who are really sensitive despite the brave act they try to put on. Girls with daddy issues have the biggest problems with trust. They unapologetically believe that men are trash. And could you blame them? They have seen this from their own dads. They believe that every man will hurt them as their dads did. If you are looking to date such a girl, getting her to trust you should be your first priority before anything else.

She is the kind of girl who will always need that extra loving. She has probably faced rejection all her life. She has conditioned herself to not expect love. She will keep on doubting if you love her or not. This is because at the back of her mind she believes it is too good to be true. Don’t get tired of showing her the love you feel.

Daddy issues can also lead to really low esteem. It will not be openly seen, but you will hear it in their talk. They will give up easily because they will think they are not good enough. They can also give up on your relationship for the same reason. You have to step in to always remind her that she is indeed good enough.This can come in a different form as well. She might turn out to be overly self-confident and independent. She will tend to live her life in a way that suggests that she doesn’t need a man. She will not give you a chance to be her man. It will be like a tag of war between you and her ego. It’ll be a competition worse than having to compete with another man.

The biggest downside of dating girls with daddy issues is that you will always feel a lot of pressure. She will expect you to deliver where her dad failed. She might come out as clingy or very needy. Or the exact opposite. What she will need from you is some patience and understanding. Do not rush things. In any case, good things take time.


Most importantly, never use her weakness to your advantage. You are fully aware that she is emotionally damaged. Don’t add salt to injury. Don’t become abusive (emotionally or physically) to her or to any other girl whatsoever. No one ever deserves to go through that. With all this said, a girl with daddy issues seems like a lot of work. However, if she is worth it, why not go through the trouble of healing the wounds she’s had for the longest time? When a girl with daddy issues loves, she loves with all she’s got and she’ll give you the love she probably never gave to her father.

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