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Love is the most pure emotion gifted to human beings by the Higher Power. Pure love cannot be given it can only be shared by two beings of equal pure intensity. What happens when love goes sour? Recent happenings in which several men and women have lost their lives due to this emotional disputes. Here are some cases of young men and women who have lost their lives due to love.

The 21 stab salute. They say text messages can ruin a man’s life and I think that’s exactly what happened to Farid Mohammed when his girlfriend Wanjiru Kamanda went through his phone. Wanjiru shocked the world when news broke that she had stabbed her boyfriend to death. What was even more shocking was that she stabbed him, not once, not twice, but 21 times! It shows you the kind of rage that must have been pumping through her blood. The bitterness was beyond explanation, but why? Farid and Wanjiru had been dating for quite some time before cheating allegations started to emerge between the couple. Wanjiru claimed that she had spotted several love messages being sent to Farid by his side chicks, whom she failed to disclose how many they were.

She even went on to state that at times they could even go to the extent of sending letters to her boyfriend. When she approached Farid for answers, he denied all claims and reassured her that she was the love of his life. On that fateful day, she had found proof that Farid was actually cheating, and that’s when she snapped. She stormed into the kitchen, picked a knife and started stabbing him on the neck, back, chest and face. Farid died on his way to the hospital. Questions still lingering my mind as to what really drove her to stab someone she loved 21 times? What kind of dark passion is that? Even if he was cheating, was it worth it to take his life?


‘I can’t live without Kevo’. Some say love is stronger than blood, but is it more important than life? Is it worth taking your life for? Faridah Makena, a student at Meru National Polytechnic, asked herself these questions after her relationship went sour. Faridah was so much in love with her boyfriend who studies at Cooperative University to an extent she used to travel from Meru to Nairobi every weekend just to visit him. When she found out he was cheating on her with another lady from the same university, she was deeply heartbroken to an extent she thought death was the only way out.

After finding out, she sent a message to her friend: “I am sorry but I can’t take it anymore. Kevoh is the last thing I wanted to lose. There’s no life without him. Suicide was the last thing I ever thought of but I give up. All the best and please don’t miss me.” The friend tried consoling her but she ended up replying; “I think I can’t. I have reached the end. “At around 2pm on Friday March 1, she sent her friend a photo of about 20 white pills on a brown paper, with some spilled over to the bed sheet. She then later took a video of herself ingesting the pills with water.

The video found itself on social media and circulated like wildfire immediately the news broke out. She was confirmed dead later that evening, leaving friends and family engulfed in sadness and pain. It was a nightmare for the friends she had reached out to during her last moments. They couldn’t live with the fact that they had not done anything to save her.

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