Dissapointing beings of earth!


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Today, I am a disappointed human being. More pissed than disappointed by what some human beings have turned this world into. You are probably wondering what I am ranting about and trust me, you will be disappointed in earthlings as I am.

So I am walking in town with the intent of going to Biashara Street from Kimathi Street. Given that there is no direct link between the two streets, I am forced to make a choice between going all the way around Jamia Mall or the Bazaar to get to the other side of street where my destination lies.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not pissed because I am too lazy to walk or the fact that I do not own a car. My anger stems from the fact that there lies several lanes that I can use to access Biashara Street from where I was but I could not use them. The reason? You ask. The reason, dear good people of earth, is because these lanes are filled with filth.

I do not understand how there can be human excrement in the Central Business District. Like how does a human being, created in the image of God, and a head full of brain between the ears defecate in the middle of a street in town? I do not understand how one can just pick a lane, tip-toe over an already existing pool of extremely huge and generous amounts of feces, choose a favorite spot, undo the pants, squat and take a dump. Seriously, how does that even happen?

Before I forget, I am also fed up with a certain group of men. Not all men, though. Just a certain uncouth group of beings that are barely human that feel as if it is there right to take a piss wherever they want. I hate walking past a wall, even in the CBD, which smells more than a sewerage plant. On that wall is a clearly written threat “usikojoe hapa” at their eye level, yet they still find it in themselves to stand there, read that disgusting piece of graffiti, unzip their pants, and take a piss. I am not sexist, but have you ever seen a woman taking a piss in public? Or do these men who piss on wall think women do not have bladders? I just don’t understand this.

Like what the hell is wrong with these people? Were they born or bought? I think these are these human things were dropped on their heads as children. Otherwise, there is no other explanation for why these earthlings are a shame to Mother Nature and the very thing that makes them human. Most of the time, these people remind me that, indeed, this world is not my home

By Martha Mugo

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