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There are different types of people that you should brace yourself for when joining campus. Some of these characters might just be you or your new buddie that you have no clue about..yet. Here are some of them:

The know-it-all one- Fine! You have enough expertise on where to find this or find that around and outside campus. You have the best dealers in what not an so on. It is so sickening when this type of person tries to run the squad and force their know-it-all ideas on people.

The extra nerdy one- Don’t get me wrong. You should be proud of your accomplishments; after all, you made it to college! There is nothing wrong about going over the syllabus way ahead of the lecturer or hitting the library every now and then. Just remember that your brain can only take as much before it gets over saturated. Also, do not forget about other activities outside studying that will improve your social and communication skills.

The life of the party- Getting a bit lit after a whole day of running from class to class is not bad at all. catch a breath outside the school environment with your buddies. The only thing that will ruin this for you is recklessness when it comes to drinking and partying and yet you are just on your first year of campus. We can just imagine what the next three or so years will look like for you.

The homesick one- There is always that guy in campus who is new in town. They probably came all the way because of school. But what happens when they become Debbie downers because they do not like the idea of being away from home. Regret and sorrow can be traced in every of their stories. They become an emotional baggage at some point and so annoying because of whining about their homesick situations!

The hostel hoe-  Do not be that chic/guy whom everyone is talking about in a not-so-good way because of  their ‘sexual generosity’ (so to say). Most of the time, it is never a good talk.

The clueless one-  First of all, you need to get familiar with the school environment on day one. This will save you some embarrassing moments of asking anybody and everybody where your lecture hall is. Keep up with the school portal or any other relevant material that is handed over to you. You do not want to be attending a students club meeting when you think you are at the library.

The Early bird- Arrive in class on time NOT before time! Camping outside the classroom is definitely a freshman move. Most of the times, there is a ten minute allowance after the official class time. If you find yourself arriving for class way early, find a spot, away from class, to just chill.

The Not-modest one- Nobody likes the girl/dude who spends 99 percent of the conversation bragging about themselves. Seriously, stop talking.









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