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Alando, the electrical engineer causing a huge disruption within the local rap scene, is ready to revolutionize the Kenyan rap industry. The much-speculated rap king to-be has been widely known for his producing skills and his studio, Alespalace Records. With over 20 young talented upcoming artistes already looking up to him to produce for them songs and lead them into the industry, what better way to do that than step on to the big stage himself? Under his own record label, Alando has already released a number of singles that have been getting a positive response from rap lovers.

He has also diversified his genres and explored his singing skills, asserting that music is an art form that needs to be explored and hence he can’t box himself into one genre. However, Alando’s unique sound comes from a rather unusual inspiration for a modern generation youth. You would expect him to ride on the trap wave or the so-called ‘wamlambez’ vibe, but he sticks to producing authentic rap music. And here’s why; “I recall from way back when I was still young listening to 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’.

I really fell in love with the album that I memorized almost all the songs in the album. I used to rap the songs to my buddies and that’s how my love for rap music began. Ever since then, it’s been bars on top of bars!” says Alando. His passion for rap music has seen him stride through the struggles that the industry has thrown towards him as he seeks to develop rap music within the local industry.

Starting out as a member of the Alespalace rap group, he felt the urge to stand out as a single act to offer the leadership and guidance that other upcoming artistes required. One of the key ways he is doing this is through his Alespalace studio where he gives young upcoming acts an opportunity to record their songs on favourable terms. “When I was starting my rap journey it was really tough. Studio sessions were really expensive and producers weren’t open to new creative ideas. I was really frustrated by this and hence why I decided to start my own studio where I had the freedom to explore my own ideas and provide a free creative space for other talented guys.” states Alando.

He has also worked with promising acts like Muddah from Lifetime Music as he widens his scope of cooperation and creativity. Alando says this is a strategy to bring on board creative rappers to join his revolution of bringing back authentic rap music to the people’s ears. The initiative has received a great amount of applause and backing from both veteran rappers and other upcoming acts. He plans to spearhead this with his upcoming mix tape dubbed ‘Me vs Me’ which is to be released before the end of the month. He will also be hosting a listening party before then ahead of finally unveiling his record label and the artistes signed under it. He has already released one song from the Mix tape called ‘Mess’. Do watch out for Alando!

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