Does her honey-pot stink?


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There’s just that feeling you get when you’re out there with some fly chick. The envy you get from the boys, weuh! That kafeeling you can’t even buy.  Up the ante by holding her waist or giving her that flirtatious look and she responds rather ‘shyly’ will turn heads. And it doesn’t matter where you are; at a club, strolling down tao, at a daytime event, you name it. Maaahn, being on top of your game is just magic to the soul.

So you’re there with your hottie. She’s there smiling coyly, and your jokes are like the gifts that keep on giving. Her tight pants make you want to see what’s there. All thanks to the camel toe that has formed. Like a beckoning cookie jar waiting to take you to heights of ecstasy. Fast forward and your plans of hitting second base are coming through until you take off her tight blue jeans and you are on your way to perform magic with your tongue. I mean, you can’t just use your hands to get a feel of those rangi ya thao thighs. But the smell that’s coming from her honey pot is almost turning you pale. You are not even sure whether it’s the alcohol you took or there’s just something that crawled up to die in your bed.

If her creamy cookie jar is emitting some unpleasant smells, here are some reasons why:

1. Infection

She might be infected probably by an STD. It might also be a yeast infection from taking antibiotics so don’t be alarmed.

2. Hormonal changes

She’s only human and some things are beyond her control

3. Sweat

That tight pair of jeans that you like seeing her in, is probably causing her groins to be a bit too sweaty. A nice clean up will take care of that

4. Something she ate

Strong spices might be contributing to that. Also here, no cause of alarm

So before you go about shaming your bae, that smell might not be her own doing. She might be at fault for perhaps not being a bit too keen on her body smell but don’t go slamming her. If you care about her, assuming she’s not just a one night stand, here is what you can tell her to do:

  • Tell her to wear loose clothing and cotton underwear to prevent moisture build up
  • Advice her to change clothes regularly
  • If it’s a persistent issue, medical help will be necessary

Take care of your baes.


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