Does Trust Really Save You In The End?

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I know what you are thinking right now, “Could she be talking about the
attribute or the contraceptive?”

Well, I am talking about the attribute. In our society today, people are very
oblivious to the point where they trust their partners blindly. Just because
you have dated your woman for seven years, met the whole family and
even made statements about marrying her does not mean she is loyal to

As a matter of fact, women get away with infidelity more than men
because they are smarter. They show you love and affection in public but
ride your best friend and the whole community in private. They know how
to cover their tracks.

Most people think that they know their partners, but they really do not.
Women know how to make you feel like you are the only man in the world,
but maybe in your world bro. Women are very beautiful creatures to the
point where we are capable of causing tides in this world.

Ever heard of men going to extremes of fighting and killing because of women? Yes, it
happens. And it is normalized by shallow-minded people. After God, in this
life, fear women. Life would be a pain in the butt without us, literally.

According to statistics, the seventh edition of the AIDS report in Kenya,
adult women are at a prevalence rate of eight percent and four percent in
adult men. What is even more shocking is the spread among the youth.

Earlier this year, a young man took to social media talking openly about the
virus and his stories gave me chills. The youth from various universities
were sharing how they actively infect people. It is actually a crime to
knowingly infect someone and the person can even serve a jail term but
trust Kenyans not to give a hoot.

He shared numerous screenshots of people talking about how they lure
their victims with flashy lifestyles and banging bodies. These people only
sleep with people raw and even celebrate when more names are added to –

the list of those who they infect. The sad part is, I think the people who are
doing these things are suffering psychologically.

I watched a documentary last night on YouTube titled, ‘My Neighbor The
Rapist’ which was filmed in South Africa. The documentary talks about a
part in South Africa that is commonly known because of the numerous
rapes that occur there.

A man confidently said on the camera that he had
been raping people and spreading the virus because he is positive. When
the interviewer asked him if he had been abused before, he claimed he had
by police officers in a cell when he was merely fifteen.

I tend to believe that there’s a lot of stigma around AIDS. People are not
taught how to live healthily with the virus. Society paints it in such bad light
to the point where if someone is sick, they hate themselves and everyone
around them. Nobody ever asks to be infected.


Could be as a result of assault, a drunken night, a black out, a way to escape reality through drugs
but people do not walk up to people and ask them to infect them. Therefore,
it is better to be safe than sorry.

It does not matter if the person you are sleeping with looks healthy, is
really attractive and has a banging body, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION. Do not
be misled by people telling you that raw sex is more enjoyable. Skin on skin
might feel great, but what is the point if you end up contracting sexually
transmitted diseases?

I do know some people do not even know their status.
Nobody can force you to get tested but ensure you get tested with
your partner. Do not let your husband tell you to test alone and if you are
safe then he is safe.

Test together and after the results, take precautions by
ensuring you always stay strapped or start your medication depending on
the outcome.

You pick, will it be ninety seconds of pleasure like Minute Maid or a lifetime
of medication? Make the right choice. Keep it strapped.

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