Don’t just think, act!

Walking your talk


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By the way, one of the best things to do is think. Thinking is a great thing and, not just thinking but, thinking about something serious. Like, you want to venture into some business. You have these many ideas, and you think how they can be implemented.

Engineers think, so do photographers, and every successful man out there. They all thought, and went an extra mile. There’s a step that not all thinkers take, and the few that do end up successful. The step is called ACTING. You should act on your thoughts. If you find it difficult, then here is what you should do;


  1. Stop overthinking.

You know, an idea is just that, an idea. If not actualized, it’s just a mountain of dreams, and that makes the idea look impossible to achieve. Besides, thinking about something gives you the impression of accomplishment, which is a fallacy. Yaani you have an idea on how to come up with a cleaning company and all that, and you see that it’s been done while in the real sense, it’s just an idea. Instead of being theoretical, get practical. Don’t write a plan on how you’ll do ABCD, go out there and face the first challenge.


  1. Realize that not acting means a decision to remain where you are.

They say failing to plan is planing to fail. Likewise, failure to act is a decision to remain where you are. Remember we said that you need to be real, practical and not theoretical. You have to keep this in mind so that you move forward. If you do not, you have decided to stay where you are.


  1. You can’t achieve perfection with the first shot.

If you have an idea and get down to work, you absolutely are positive and very optimistic. You expect the best, but chances are that with no much knowledge and with new challenges, you are likely to experience some hitch. Now, you don’t give up at that point (at no point actually). You should not compare yourselves to the bigwigs and throw in the towel. You’re just a beginner, so don’t expect to achieve perfection.

  1. Act FAST.

The speed at which you actualize your idea is very important. You see, you are going against other industry players. Acting FAST ensures you grab all the available service seekers before the demand for your service diminishes. It also gives you that momentum which gives no room for turning back, or giving up. Take a keen look at the successful entrepreneurs, like the quail farmers who popped up when suddenly quail eggs became a big thing.

  1. Don’t give up.

They say winners never quit. At no point should you quit, if you have an idea you want to turn into something. Be tenacious, and hungry for success that giving up is not in your list of options.

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