Never say these 5 things to your Girlfriend!


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You like her a lot really. The both of you really have fun together. Remember that time you two went hiking? And she later got mad at you yet she had agreed to it? We love our girlfriends but we agree they can get on our nerves. Even when you feel like lashing out at her, there are some things you should never say to her. Ever. At least not in her face. Are you ready to be single? Then read on.

1. “Stop being too emotional”

Yea right. Tell her that and she’ll flip out even more. Lazima ukachore so that you can know how to play her when she’s not calm. Eti unamshow, “wacha mafeelings.” She will start thinking that you don’t care about her. She will also assume that maybe she is too much for you. When she starts thinking that way, who knows what she’ll do next.

2. “You don’t look nice today”

Really dude? Eti “leo kwani umevaa aje?” This is the one thing you don’t just say to anyone. Even your friends, you can’t just go telling them that. Unless you are really close. So keep in mind that she’s human and she’ll not always be perfect.

3. “Is it your time of the month”

This one is tricky. This is a subject that should be handled with a LOT of care. She will naturally tell you or the signs will be there and you’ll know. In this case, you’ve gotta be a mind reader bruh.

4. “Aaah Diana”

Did you just call her your ex’s name!? Wow, just wow. Never ever call her your ex’s name. Don’t even go around using other chic’s names. She won’t find that impressive at all. But if her name is Diana, please, call her name as many times as possible.

5. “I wasn’t paying attention”

Just pretend you were listening to what she was saying. She has the habit of talking to you when you just feel tired. But she’s a talker and she likes you alot but the conversation sometimes drags on. She expects you to have been listening so don’t tell her that you haven’t heard a word you’ve said. Just say, “mhm, yes. Aki ni ukweli…enyewe.”

Oh, here’s another one: never tell her she is wrong, even if she is. 


By Anthony Mbugua

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