Dryspell Chronicles


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If for the last two weeks you’ve only slept with a pillow and porn has been the only reminder
that sex actually exists, then welcome to the Dry Spell Chronicles. If it’s been more than a month
since you inserted your thick and hard manhood into a hot wet spot (I mean a pussy, in case you
missed it), you definitely need to join a prayer group.

Phase 1
How does a grown man with a national identification card and driving license (which they
probably don’t use anyways, yet) go without sex for almost half a year? It starts when your social
life slows down. You’ve been going to parties every other weekend. It’s either one of those crazy
house parties in your hood or a club party in Westlands You get to the party, drink a little, some
chille comes and twerks for you leaving you hot and bothered. That night can’t go down without
you getting into someone’s pants and showing them your meat holds limitless power. This girl is
there in a little black miniskirt exposing her rangi ya thao thighs and her cleavage is showing just
fine. Your mind goes into overdrive thinking of the juice that she has hidden between the center
of her smooth legs. You go over, slice a guy who was trying to get her but you are a charmer and
your words are working. She is laughing at your weird jokes. Sex jokes are a thing, thanks to
you. You keep them coming and the drinks and shisha make the conversation hotter. You start
touching her, and when you are about to finger her, she stops you. You challenge her to shake
that fine booty of hers for you. She agrees and she is dancing with her skirt almost up her body
revealing her white thong and everyone is cheering for the both of you. “Ni ivo bana. Just look
for a spot,” some guy shouts giving you mad props. You quickly rush her to the loo, kissing her
and licking her all over. She starts to moan a little. Your cock is now throbbing hard and you feel
like your dick will tear up your trousers. But before you can undo her thong, she says you have to
go to your place and you bid the boys goodbye as you go to unleash your power. “Today the
neighbours won’t sleep,” you say to yourself.

Phase 2
Three months down the line you’ve gone to see your folks in Nakuru. Your grandparents missed
you so much and those small cousins of yours can’t stop playing Candy Crush on your phone.
There is no sign of you getting laid over there. You just want to go back to your hood. You
manage to convince mom that you just want to get back home and lucky enough your dad sends fare. “The heavens must have heard my cry,” you let out a sigh of relief. The boys have been
asking you where you’ve been. Soon enough you realize you don’t have a lot of spare money.
That means reduced trips to cool places. And this also means a limited number of chicks. You are
determined though. You have to get some from that girl in your neighbourhood. It’s been a while
since you talked to her and so you decide to text her. She does not ignore your WhatsApp message
and you even plan on going over to her home on Sato. Her parents are Seventh Day Adventists
so you are sure they will not be in for the better part of the day. You go over to your wardrobe
and look at your pack of condoms like some shiny trophies. It’s now Friday and you are counting
hours to a good fuck. After binge-watching Prison Break’s new season, your phone beeps. You have a new message. She has just cancelled on your plans. She is going out with her bae. “Say
what, who’s that ninja!?” You ask, totally pissed off now. Last time you checked she was single
and a ‘good’ girl. Now she outchea playing catch up with random guys. She ignores your text
and says goodnight.

Phase 3
No one is inviting you to parties anymore. You don’t have the money to pay for a bottle of KC.
The little money you manage to squeeze from your parents now that you’re on long holiday is
spent playing PS4 games. You have to get a job to keep you going. Lady luck strikes again. A
party is around the corner. Perhaps your luck might change. Two months without sex is no joke.
The porn videos have not been helping at all. In fact, they’ve only been making you crave more
for sex. Seeing those bouncy tits and ass all over your phone is not easy. You jack off almost
every day and the hunger grows with that. Especially now that your young sister is still in school
and your parents have gone to work. You can walk around the home in boxers and you can jack off
virtually any place you want. But it would be so much better if you had some chic to do those
nasty things with. Will the upcoming party turn your luck around?

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