Easy-to-do Halloween costumes for 2017


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We are starting to embrace the Halloween culture. More and parties are coming up this October, where you get to show off your costumes. If it is your first time , worry not, we will not make your costumes too detailed or too spooky. Here are some ideas for costumes you could rock.

Kim Possible– remember this cartoon? Thank God she is likable and has an easy to do costume. Get yourself a fiery red hair wig. Of course yo have to match your outfit with hers. Here is the starter pack.

Halloween costume loading– it is as  simple as getting yourself a plain outfit,preferably a plain white t-shirt and boldly print out the words ‘Halloween costume loading.”

The Scooby Doo squaa– this will entail a lot of team and fun at the same time. Get your squad together and assign each person a character, expect of cousre, Scooby Doo.

Bouncer– all it takes is a back suit, sunglasses and a rope running between you. If you have got a walkie-talkie with you the better the look of a bouncer on you.

Netflix and chill starter pack– you do not have to attend a party in this. Just let everyone know on your social media pages that you would rather be at home watching your fave series in PJs.

Perfect  excuse– the perfect excuse to wear a hoodie or whatever it is you wear on a normal basis is to have a sign that reads ‘nudist-on-strike.’ Print it on a plain t-shirt,the better!

Minion– all you need to be a minion is a kick-ass denim dungaree matched with a screaming yellow tee inside.

Scary makeup– Check out this post by a Kenyan make up artist. Finish the look with a really awesome all-black outfit.





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