Eight Songs for the Eight Days of 2020


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It’s the eighth day of 2020, the new year, the new decade, the new month. And in just those eight days, our beloved artists have already released new music for us. So here are Eight Great Pop, Trap, Riddim, reggae, R&B singles that we have been blessed with by the Eighth Day of 2020.

Yummy – Justin Bieber.

The Bae is back! With pink Hair! Justin Bieber on Jan 3rd released his new single “Yummy” after two years of hearing nothing from him.

It’s a great comeback, mainly because it’s a combination of pop and trap. The music video is Yummy, in all senses.

It featured Yummy Justin Bieber, in a Yummy restaurant, with a Yummy kid quartet and lastly with Yummy Food all around.

Honestly, it’s a video that can make you really hungry. And not just for the amazing food on display. It is speculated that the song is actually about Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Baldwin; after the line “I’m elated that you’re my lady.”

Yummy is the first single of Biber’s yet untitled album after Purpose.

Slow Down- Skip Marley, H.E.R.

Grandson of late legend Bob Marley, Skip Marley has been slowly rising to fame with his music, which carries the same legendary tone as his grandpa.

On Jan 2nd, he collaborated with “Slide” singer H.E.R, the girl who is always in shades, to give us “Slow Down”, a love song.

The song, described as sultry and smooth has gained over 1.5M views on YouTube after its release.

Changes- Lauv.

January 2nd also so the release of Changes from America Pop singer Lauv. The song, a single from Lauv’s upcoming album “how I’m feeling”; is all about changes; new beginnings, new first steps.

It’s a song that prepares you for those new year resolutions you are scared to start working on.

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Quoting several lines from the song:

Changes, they might drive you half-insane, But it’s killing you to stay the same, but it’s all gonna work out, it’s all gonna work out someday

Wrong Direction- Hailee Steinfield.

Technically, Wrong Directions was not released in 2020, but I felt it deserved to be in this list.

 Premiered on YouTube with a lyric video on 31st December 2019, Wrong Directions is a song of heartbreak, of loving the wrong person, of taking the wrong direction when it comes to love.

It is a song about the toxic relationships we go through and how we convince ourselves they are the right ones for us. Steinfield sings:

Every time you burned me down
Don’t know-how; for a moment it felt like heaven

Disappointed –Stormzy.

The Own It UK-based rapper has been beefing with former friend Wiley and on Jan 6th, he released a diss track Disappointed in response to Wiley’s diss track.

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Disappointed has since then gained over 2.3 M views on YouTube with the favourite line being I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

Come Thru- Summer Waler(with Usher)

Seems like the old goons are getting back into the game with collaborations with upcoming artists.

Rising R&B singer Summer Walker, released her new single Come Thru just 16hours ago, with old-timer Usher.

Come Thru already has over 690k views on Youtube.

World Government- Vybz Kartel.

The World Boss has maintained a successful music career since entering prison in 2014 on a life sentence for murder.

 Since he’s still one of dancehall and Jamaica’s most beloved figures, a run for public office isn’t that hard to imagine. “World Government,” Kartel’s latest song and music video, outlines Vybz Kartel’s political platform (a house and Mercedes for every impoverished child, free education, etc).

 It’s easily the catchiest political anthem I’ve ever heard, and who knows, maybe one day it will become the theme for a real campaign.

 A Jamaican court is currently considering an appeal on Kartel’s murder conviction.

 ( paragraph courtesy of Fader Magazine)

FutSal Shuffle 2020- Lil Uzi Vert.

Lil Uzi Vert’s “Futsal Shuffle” video is here. The new single from his long-awaited album Eternal Atake premiered on YouTube Yesterday and has already gained over 3.7M views.

 Futsal Shuffle is a deceptively simple-looking movement and as the many talented dancers in the video show, the Futsal Shuffle can be the foundation for some seriously splendid routines.

Seeing Uzi and company have fun is heartwarming, and is hopefully, a sign that his long-delayed album Eternal Atake is on the way.


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