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Elev8 is an initiative to promote Kenyan music by a pool of talented and experienced veterans in the industry who are very passionate about elevating Kenyan music to another level. The duo of veteran Kenyan rapper, Voodoo aka Voodoo Seller and veteran mix master Disc Jockey Vin aka DJ Vin, came up with the idea to start airing a show to give the youth a platform to showcase their talent. As the name suggests, Elev8 is a platform that seeks to elevate young upcoming artistes to a stardom level by giving them the exposure that most rarely get. It’s also an initiative to discover young and talented acts that have the potential but lack the support or attention that they deserve from the industry players.

Voodoo is a veteran Kenyan rapper who has contributed hugely to the growth and preservation of Kenyan rap music. He was once a member of the celebrated Kenyan hip hop group, The Headbangaz, who brought to us the all-time hit ‘Head bang ‘em’. His musical journey was one full of struggles bearing in mind the limited opportunities that were available to upcoming artistes from the ghetto during those days. Even though the struggle was real, he credits those days for giving him an enormous amount of exposure and experience. He has worked with the likes of all- time producer G-Dash, Hardstone, Cheese and Brain (East Africa’s finest) and Cedo just to mention a few. He has also contributed to other hits like Mejja’s ‘Kwani Jana Kiuliendaje?’

Voodoo has linked up with another veteran name in the Kenyan entertainment scene, DJ Vin, to bring this ambitious project to life. DJ Vin is an experienced spin master that has contributed greatly to promoting Kenyan music. The duo has also brought on board a celebrated Kenyan act, Gurugang OG, also a former member of the Headbangaz. “Music is in my blood, I wake up and sleep music. Mine is beyond passion,” argues Gurugang, who is very glad to join this amazing duo in the campaign to elevate Kenyan artistes. He says he has seen it all in this industry including the ups and downs.

“I remember vividly staying side by side with Voodoo when he underwent depression and had to pause his music career. Those were tough moments, and those are the kind challenges you have to be prepared for in this industry. And that’s why everyone needs a guardian angel like us veterans in the industry to tell them how the game runs.” says Gurugang.

After Voodoo flew out of the country and then came back, he decided he was going to partner with individuals who shared his vision to take Kenyan music to the next level and these were DJ Vin and Gurugang. Elev8 gives a platform to every upcoming act to be able to play their music and let the fans judge their quality. “Good music is good music, no matter what,” says DJ Vin in defence to their initiative to let fans judge artistes songs on their show.


The trio also acknowledges the new wave of upcoming artistes for staying united and repping their hoods. DJ Vin is so delighted that they are not trying to copy anyone. They are being authentic and true to themselves. Gurugang says he loves how fans are coming out to support their own nowadays as witnessed by how these new wave of artistes are hitting crazy views. Voodoo also adds that he loves how these artistes are doing their music. In fact, he is the backbone support behind various upcoming acts including ‘Team Kata Tenje’ aka Psycho which comprises of Iano Mabling, Joseph Hill and Ndu@ti.

Finally, the Elev8 crew have come up with an initiative to support all the upcoming acts who have amazing talent but lack adequate funds to promote their music. The campaign is aimed at pushing artistes who are talented and have already recorded music audios but lack the finances to shoot a video to submit their songs for an opportunity to get their videos shot for them for free.

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