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When marketing your startup, always aim to go where the eyeballs are. And email is it right now. Despite the rapid growth of other new channels of marketing within the digital space, more people are still hooked on email marketing. It’s more personal, trustworthy and effective.

Aim to optimize your email sending times. Email apps have made it easier nowadays for startups to stop the guesswork when it comes to choosing when to send out marketing emails to their customers. The send time optimization feature allows you to customize your send times based on when people are most likely to open your emails. This feature takes into account factors like your clients’ location and recent email activity which gives more information about their behaviour. Therefore if your readers open their emails mostly in the morning first thing when they wake up, it will send your emails at this time.

A good subject line equals more opens. Most email marketing rookies pay less attention to their subject lines and hence end up making a critical mistake. Your subject line is what will determine whether someone opens your email or not. Therefore you must pay more attention to how you compose your subject lines:

  • Make clear value propositions: Don’t get too creative when writing your subject line. Most clients don’t open emails because they are “clever”, they open because there is a clear promise of value.
  • Evoke curiosity: You have to make the reader ‘NEED’ to open the email.
  • Be casual: Don’t be too official with your email, but then again don’t be too casual with your email. You want to make your product look really interesting/ cool while also upholding its credibility.

Sending frequency is critical. At times it seems logical to argue that the more emails you send the more money you are likely to make. But this isn’t always the case. You might even be risking your emails getting spammed. You can identify your sending frequency by conducting a small survey if need be. This might actually be key in being more specific with your emails. It also increases engagement between you and your clients. Remember, not too much, not too little, you want to give them just enough.

Your KPI matters identify your key performance indicators and focus on them. It’s more profitable to have 1000 active subscribers than to have 2000 subscribers where less than 40% are active. It’s a non-beneficial load of work you are putting on yourself. At times volume doesn’t matter, but impact does. Therefore in such a situation, it’s better to get rid of the liabilities and focus on the assets. It also presents you with more credible facts when you do your projections.


Have time-sensitive campaigns. Scarcity and deadlines are two very powerful marketing tools. People are naturally programmed to act on urgency therefore if you create one for them, they tend to take action. If you give people an offer and put a deadline on it, you will be surprised by how more people will wait for the last minute to make their purchase.  Therefore, try creating urgency and giving out offers on your products.

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