Win him without sweating a tinge for him!


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Hey girl, whoever said that you have to be a damsel in distress, that you have to be down to earth to get that hot guy, lied to you. Look, you can shout as you please, be life of the party, roll your eyes and make faces to whoever you wish and still carry him home. Yeah, carry him home like a hard earned trophy only that you won’t sweat a tinge for him.

If you are bitchy, being yourself will save you a great deal. See, he be shocked if you set his house on fire or when you call all the chics in his phone and insult them. Because that’s who you are, a nagging chic, and you need not be sorry to anyone. Wait, but you need this in your checklist in order to bag him:

  1. Be the life of the party.

You have to look through everyone’s eyes and discern what pleases them and deliver to them exactly that! Make sure you are a people’s person. You have to win everybody’s heart and be in good terms with everyone. So everybody loves you, why shouldn’t he love you more, now that he owns you?


  1. Walk the talk.

Walk with your shoulders high and confidence oozing .You don’t like his blue jeans, throw them out. You don’t like his new phone trample it or something. Confidence is sexy, remember that. Only strive at attracting fine things in life. Average is shoddy. Remember to roll like the boss you really are and look straight through his eyes whenever you order him around.


  1. Keep it Sassy.

Always remember to rock it from head to toe. Make your presence so profound everywhere you go and make sure that you are stuck in somebody’s mind. If everyone treats you like a star that has landed from the sky, why shouldn’t he worship the ground you walk on?

  1. Honeypot manenos.

Wacha akoroge asali mpaka ashibe.How do you give it to him? Make him addicted to your honey. Make sure he sucks from your Honeypot alone. And when another chic savours a taste of him, time you caused drama! He’ll bounce back to you, because you own him and because your honey is made from the sweetest nectar.

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