Choose you baby guuurl! Boy bye!


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I don’t really understand why and when ladies started putting their guys before them. Why should it be that any lady should forego her own comfort to please a man? Pleasing a man is such a hard task, infact, you need a manual to understand what a man really needs to keep him to yourself.

Pleasing a guy is the dumbest thing a woman should think of doing. Foregoing your pleasures and comforts to please him will only make him look down upon you. The moment you begin worshipping a man, the message you pass across to him is that, he is way more important than you. And you know what? He’ll never forego his comforts to please you since you already proved to him that you don’t matter. Which is a big lie, you are way more important than you think.

  1. You attract the fine things in life.

Putting yourself first doesn’t quite mean that you are selfish. Going for the good things in life means that you truly deserve the best. Every time you are on a date with prince charming, order the most expensive drink and or meal. Suggest the most expensive restaurant around. Show him your worth and he will always serve the best at your table.

  1. Right knocks at your door.

Only a guy who knows your worth will stick around; the one who’s ready to put in the work that it takes to have you around. Should you form a habit of chasing guys, the dumbasses will hover around because you are only good at stroking their egos.


  1. You avoid being trashed.

Come to think of it, the world is a cruel place to live in. There’s however something we can always do to avoid cruelty. Yeah and that’s loving ourselves and putting ourselves first. The energy that you exude about yourself is the same energy that is poured out to you. Girl, if you could try to obsess about yourself, the world will bow down at your feet and nobody will trash you.

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