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Today’s feminism has totally taken a different road from its defined meaning. Feminism is not about women being superior. It is about bringing everyone together for equal rights. Bringing men down and stripping them off their rights does not make you a feminist.

Radical feminist go too far to promote their grievances. Which most times gives negative feedback. When put in the media, the negative attention is a hitch to feminism. It gives other feminists a bad image.

On the same news there is a tweet that was trending around February. A woman had smeared menstrual blood on her face. Her intention was to show “periods are beautiful and powerful”. This is very extreme, messy and gross, if you ask me. Being a woman is powerful enough to change the world and have a positive impact. No need to go all gross to prove a point! https://twitter.com/UNILAD/status/1100794288487706625?s=19


Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies that share a common goal. It is all about promoting equality. Let us not lose focus on the main agenda and goal.

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