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“Luku Luku” hit maker Wanjiku Kimani aka Femi One is doing big again and gracing the airwaves with some good vibes. The beautiful lass and talented rapper showed us what exactly she is made of with the song “Hiyo One”. In the song released last month, the rapper takes it back to the streets, where real rap music was born.
The quality and talent that Femi One oozes out in this masterpiece has left everyone wondering why she had gone silent for quite some time. Her lyrical prowess is unbelievable, leave alone the delivery!

She is back to reassure Kenyans that her silence was something big cooking in disguise.  She announced that she will be dropping an EP on 25th last month, the same day as her birthday. The anticipation and anxiety
grew to the threshold, as the world couldn’t wait to see what was in store for them in her new EP.

To her fans’ relief, she dropped the most anticipated EP on her 25th birthday. The EP was to mark 25 years of hard work and determination by the celebrated female rapper. The EP is named XXV which is significant to Femi One as she turns 25. It has six songs all produced under Kaka Empire by producers Jack Jack on the Beat, Kevin Provoke, Musyoka and Rico Beats.


The EP has one of the most unique creative directions that the industry has ever witnessed. From the visual representation to the creative promo ads, it simply shows the high quality level of creativity that was put into it. The visuals for ‘Hiyo One’ are already out, and they have set the bars really high for the remaining songs.


During the EPs listening party at Wings Kenya on 25th, Femi had this to say: “It is my quarter life! It comes with a lot of things. Mostly I give thanks! For my gifts and how far I’ve come and for the inspiration that I’ve gained these 25 years. This EP is a gift to my fans showing them why rap is my first and only love”.


Femi One has shown tremendous growth in the music industry with a string of hits upon hits. The EP XXV is a representation of how much her craft has grown. Also her eye for fashion is outstanding, she has delivered bars upon bars for the fashion industry.

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