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We are young. Going for dates is almost an everyday activity. Some of the dates might be so awkward, and what might them even more awkward will be determined by the food that we choose to order if it involves lunch or dinner. Here are some of the foods that I found too awkward to eat and hence said no to (for dates):

  •  Burger– these things are so messy. Ebu ask me. I have first hand experience with these. Do not order for hamburgers bigger than your mouth. It is not a pretty site to watch. Worse, is when all the nyanyas and onions slide out ,not to forget all kinds of sauces and mayo that you out inside.

  • Spicy food– if you cannot handle heat, my friend, do not even try. Unless you want teary eyes and a lot of sweat.

  • Spaghetti– with whatever you will have your spaghetti with, it will just be a mess. Apart from spilling all over the sides of your mouth it will also spill over your clothes. Be warned. Also, it is too damn long to tie on to the fork most of the times.

  • Soup– ‘slurp’ would not sound so cool cause this is not the gram, this is REALITY. Personally, i hate that sound. I would imagine that  date is supposed to be romantic, and a slurp sound track is not part of this movie.

  • Beans… duh! – by now we might have all had an experience with madondo or for the boujee ones, you might have had a bean burrito bad experience. For those who do not know, kindly watch out for beans. Funny noises might as well chase your date away.


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