Forget crushing,it is torture!


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Having a crush back in kindergarten was just marvelous. It was a happy place that was somewhat temporary because it would probably be over by break time. Here comes your 20s and you find yourself crushing so hard on this guy and it’s nothing but torture. Ask me!I am currently undergoing an awkward phase that I am trying to run away from.Having a crush on someone is like a totally not how Telenovela makes it and here’s why:

You never see it coming

It hits you like a wrecking ball.You realize that you are not talking a bit too much about him to your friends.

It is like you are in nursery school all over

It brings you those flashbacks of way back when. No one wants to go back to nursery school.

You have no idea if the feeling is mutual

There is a difference between them being nice to you and them flirting with you. The difference just never reveals itself.

Stalking them is your ritual

If you find yourself downright looking for their 2011 posts, you are definitely crushing and it is not a good thing!Endless times are spent on his profile.

When he finally talks you, you embarrass yourself

These conversations send you right down to the shy hole you crawled back from.

You want to seduce them with your posts

Everytime you post, it is a mission to impress them and lure him to ingia box.Hopefully to be the one to talk to you first.

You deliberately bump into them

“Oops…I totally did not know you come to these sides!”

You will never talk to him so as to not look desperate

This is terrible because you might never get to know more about him because of your pride.







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