Tips on erogenous zones!


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The way to a woman’s heart is through a nice feel and touch. If you could romanticize her quite well between the sheets, she’ll thirst for your dick and serve you hot lungula. The opposite is entirely true. If you touch her inappropriately or fail to touch her, then she will shove you away and you turn out to be a long forgotten thing. Here are erogenous zones you should touch her in order to turn her on;

  1. Ears.

This part when properly touched, it can give tingly sensations regardless of how unsexy it seems. If you want to arouse her through touching her ears, try kissing her lightly, licking or nibbling at her earlobes. If she buys the idea of you working on her ears, try whispering something or blowing lightly into her ear whole.

  1. Her Nipples.

If you have a way with touching a woman’s boobs then she’ll offer her cookie to you without any hesitation. Be warned though that her boobs are a sensitive part to touch. Start with a light touch and apply abit of pressure steadily and slowly. Use your lips, tongue or vibrator to give her tingly sensations. Suck, lick and flick her nipples (in that order and hey did you notice the rhyme?) .If your woman prefers a rough feel, try to gyrate and graze her nipples using your teeth.

  1. Clitoris.

The way to a woman’s cookie is through her clitoris. The clit is a small mound on the upper part of her vagina that is covered by a hood. Approach this area with much care and tenderness, it determines whether she’ll let you ride or not. Flick the area using your index and middle finger in an up and down motion. Note that the area should be wet enough to reduce any fiction and to make her orgasm.


  1. G_spot.

This is the most worshipped area yet many men fail at locating it. If you could try tracing it using your finger, it’s situated, two inches from the vaginal opening and it happens to be a rough patch. Use a good amount of lube when you locate it alongside a vibrator or your tongue to bring forth sensations on her.

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