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Football for many is just a pastime except to the sensation Odundo Omollo aka Toti and his brother Ngoci Omollo. At the age of only four, when most of us were busy eating dirt and playing with toy cars, Odundo Omollo started his football career where he played for Ligi Ndogo. His brother, Ngoci Omollo followed soon after at the age of three. To the two brothers, football is not just a sport. It has shaped them to be the men they are right now.

Due to the discipline that sports demands, Odundo and Ngoci have managed to stay off bad habits such as drug abuse and bad company. Football has also given them opportunities to travel to England, Spain, Uganda and even Coast just for tournaments. They have met different people who have impacted their lives in big ways. The sport has even given Odundo a chance to be on the show, Scoreline, on KTN.

Two years ago, Odundo and Ngoci decided to take their love for the sport to the internet. They came up with a YouTube channel, L4B. The channel began as a platform for them to show off their talent. The games and tournaments were not enough. They both felt that they needed to be seen more. The YouTube channel has now grown to be more than just what it was two years ago. The channel has become a platform where other football enthusiasts and talented young people can showcase their own talent.

It has also become a platform where they analyze matches. Not just the big matches, but even the underdogs that are not hyped much. They term themselves as the voice of the underdog tournaments. The channel continues to grow with the help of their family, their viewers and other YouTubers. It has moved from an idea of just two brothers to a channel for the community. The show has featured huge guests such as the international rugby player, Samuel Oliech, Tyron Sochi, Jamie Tuti, David Kamanzi, just to mention but a few. The two have also been featured in other YouTube channels.

Odundo and Ngoci are looking forward to generating more content. Before they were doing so once a week, now they want to do it maybe twice a month so that they can give their audience proper content. Apart from that, they have branded t-shirts and are hoping to have more merchandise.  In future, they want to focus on analysing local tournaments since no one is doing that.


Their long-term goal is to have a local Kenyan Football academy that will be able to give talented young footballers a chance to grow their talent and learn as well. To Odundo and Ngoci, football is a passion. It’s what wakes them up in the morning. In anything you do, you need to have this kind of passion. It is not always about the money, it is how much you love what you are doing.

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