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From the moment this trio of young upcoming acts step on stage and grab that mic, you can already feel the taste of the amount of talent that they are about to exude on that stage. Mob K is a trio of young gospel artistes consisting of Zacky, Masagege and Kidi, all hailing from Utawala.

Mob K, as gangsta as the name might sound, say that they chose that name since it holds a significant meaning to their backgrounds. It’s a reflection of their past lives which was hooked into drugs and crime. It constantly reminds them why they joined the gospel industry; to be living witnesses to other fellow youth in the ghetto that crime and drugs isn’t always the option no matter how hard life gets.

Zacky was a hardcore thug who had built a reputation within ‘eastlands’ area as one of the most dangerous people you could ever cross your paths with. He even controlled a gang who were loyal to him and were constantly at his beck and call. “Zacky’s presence was always felt wherever he went.

If you knew him quite well then, the minute he stepped into the same room with you, you could already start feeling goosebumps. And if you happened to not know him, then you would only hear about him once your phone and any other meaningful belonging was already gone,” their manager describes. Kidi on the other hand was a rookie that couldn’t be despised.

Kidi had created a niche for himself within the hood to understand every corner of hustle. However the hustles aren’t always as lucrative as expected for young and naïve individuals like Kidi. And that’s when he decided to get into crime. He was one of those rookies who are often deployed to terrorise individuals in the hood. However his life took a turn after one of his several expeditions went wrong. “I remember I had been caught on that particular day. Everyone was shouting “choma yeye!”

Where I was hiding, there was an old man. I tried bribing the guy but he wouldn’t give in, I tried several times until I had to give him all the money that I had which was four thousand shillings. The police had already been called and people were ready with tyres to burn me alive. However, the old man came out and told them it was a mistaken identity. And that’s how God delivered me from the fangs of death, and from that day I swore to serve Him.”

Zacky, Kidi and Masegege met at a studio after their lives took a turn and they were looking for an honest hustle. They were passionate about music and wanted to pursue their passion but weren’t particular on what genre they wanted to do. But after meeting with the producer who they credit so much for turning their lives around, they decided to do gospel.

They recorded their first single which was dubbed ‘Toka Teke Saitan’ which performed quite spectacular. They weren’t expecting the kind of success that came along with the song, accruing a cumulative 273,000 views on Youtube. The huge applause and positive reception that the song received is something they can only credit to God.

However, in every game their must always be challenges. With the success of the song also came huge criticism towards their style of music. Their style of music which is mostly likened to secular acts like Ethic and Ochungulo Family wasn’t something most people were prepared for within the gospel industry. “We don’t really care much about what people say or the genre, what we care about is reaching out to people with our message. Changing people’s lives and bringing more people to God.”


Mob K are determined to change the face of the gospel industry and inspire more youth to follow in their footsteps to salvation. With projects like Pass-word and ‘Kiboko kwa mgongo’ already coloring the airwaves with God’s word. They are currently working on other projects that they hope to release soon.

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