Give her a marathon in bed! Sex food ya mafisi wa campo!


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Young people have endless energy. That right there is the truth. If you find a group of young men, they are either talking about women or sex. Who doesn’t want to have fun? Lungula ni muhimu especially if you want to beat the cold. If you have the energy of a bunny, you need some refuelling no lie. I’m here to help you keep that fire burning in the bedroom. Don’t give her a sprint in bed, show her wewe ni bedroom bully.

1. Watermelons

If you’re a watermelon hater too bad for you. Watermelons have an amino acid that helps you have harder erections. Pump up your bulldozer with a red, juicy, watery watermelon. Try it next time before starting your work.

2. Bananas

Don’t laugh about bananas by the way. It’s a fruit that’s used to mean a lot to do with sex and it has benefits too. Bananas give you carbs and potassium to keep you going. This is how you last longer than a matchstick. Make sure to go bananas next time. They should be your daily meal.

3. Spinach

It’s time to go green. Yes people, spinach are another way of spicing up your bedroom life. But wait a minute, do you guys only bang your chilles in the bedroom? Hmmm. Anyway, spinach provides you with the energy to initiate and maintain erections. Be a real man to your bae by stocking up on spinach.

4. Avocado

Well, well, well  Mr. Avocado man is here.  Do you know why there are so many memes about avocados and why men are complaining about the increased prices of avocados? This fruit is not only healthy but it also helps increase your bloodflow throughout your body and by body I mean the WHOLE body. Yes, even that part of the body.

5. Garlic

Or better known as kitunguu saumu. If you can have meals prepared using garlic, good things are going to happen. Garlic helps stop the formation of fatty acids on your artery walls and this means increased and improved bloodflow which helps you maintain your stamina. The thing with garlic though is that it leaves you with a weird smell and that’s not something you want your chille to smell. So have garlic maybe once in a week if you can.

6. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate will help you relieve stress which is the one thing that brings problems in the bedroom. So team mafisi, if you want to boost your mood before the game starts, have a bite of chocolate.

7. Safety

Make sure to play safe during sex. You can’t go for long if you’re halfway worrying about getting her pregnant or catching a disease. Chora life yako when it comes to sex. Contraceptives are always an option.


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