Graduate from the DM to WhatsApp


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With Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, your future bae cold just me a DM away. It is as easy as sliding down in the DM of potential bae. What gets our hearts beating so fast is whether or not they will see it, or see it and ignore…or just simply tell you off. Well, if they do not get to read it at all, you just have to find other ways to get their attention, if they read your messages, you have to have the most incredible of skills to win them over and graduate to take it further to WhatsApp. In short, you can even get to call them sometime and eventually meet them in person. Here are some of the skills that you could use while planning to go down in the DM:

Do not disengage

Don’t be awkward, don’t try to sneak past the them, the chances are you’ll get cut off at the knees. Actively engage with potential new bae. Don’t get too personal, don’t pry, but you can gently probe. All in all, have a positive and friendly attitude towards them every time you DM them. You’re unlikely to become a couple, but even becoming chatting online buddies is a step towards greatness.

Take it easy

Nervous? Careful! You will transfer your feelings into your message. You might just type some stupid things that will chase your potentially future bae away. Take some deep slow quiet breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth to put yourself at ease. When the they reply, smile and confidently think through some other sick lines to get their number.

Fake it till you make it

You have probably found out a bit of useful information about them from their posts. Use this for your benefit. If they like a certain restaurant, tell them how you love it too but sadly you have never bumped into them. Tap into common and shared interests and share your experiences with them. You might both end up meeting just to share this bond.

Make them feel like the boss

Finally, if they evidently ignore to your first attempts, do not throw in the towel. Let them know that they can feel free to reply as it totally up to them. Let them feel comfortable and free from pressure of immediately giving their number to a stranger. Make them like you first and allow them to not look easy by giving in so fast.

What other ways can make your DM game strong?


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