Guide to the Bus Service to use when travelling to Western this Holiday season.


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When you are traveling to Western:

It’s the Holiday Season and we have already started experiencing the hustle and bustle that comes with going to shagz. And most of us are going to Western. Maybe for the first time; maybe for the millionth time.

Regardless, everyone needs a guide once in a while, especially when it comes to what the best bus service (am assuming you are not one of those people that go by plane) to board is; so here I am.

Easy Coach.

The coach that is easy and comfortable. Seriously. The comfort in those buses is beyond. You get to have your great reclining seat so you know sleeps comes easy. And good sleep is paramount. Western is a long looong way from Nairobi.

Then the biscuits and the water, the good customer service, the spacious fancy-ish waiting lounge not to mention the online booking service! (Don’t throw stones at me, this is our first online booking transport means).

Luhya mothers in that untrusting ways still can’t let you use that means of booking though. You have to go the terminal and show them the physical ticket in your hand. Unajua mambo ya internet siku hizi huwezi trust they argue.

The cons:

Cost!!!!. Shit’s terribly costly. Going to Kakamega for example is 1450,. Almost 2000 just to travel home.

And the waiting hours. God the waiting hours. Your bus might be scheduled to leave at nine, you arrive at eight thirty at the terminal and the bus slowly leaves at around ten. It behaves like a beautiful slay queen this one.

Also it is terribly in demand especially during the holiday season so chances are, if you have not yet booked, you might just run out of reservations.




The old school fast Nissans. God Bless them. Examples? BlueLine, North Rift, Great Rift to mention but a few.

These ones are like that chic you don’t really like but you know is into you so once in a while when you need to get the job done fast and without much complications, you got to her. They are cheap, affordable and of course fast.


They are Nissans, so they are terribly uncomfortable. That situation is trying to be mended though, so beautiful slay queen, watch out.

Shuttles  also don’t have a waiting lounge or anything so if you happen to arrive in Bungoma at two in the morning, woe unto you. The luhyas might try to rob you thinking you have carried with you chickens.


Behind Afya Centre.

Country Buses.


Aaah. Now this the root of all the waluhya ni washamba stories. This is where you travel with chickens in the same vehicle, the crying children, the struggling house-helps in what they deem as fashionable clothes going back home for a break, the mattresses, boxes, beds; the stench of overcrowding passengers; and the noise. God, the noise.

This is for the ones that can’t afford Shuttle or Easy Coach, we all can’t choose our paths. So if that pocket is not as heavy, board them. Good thing is that you will be in for the full Luhya show. It will be like watching mulembe FM live. And if you think Mulamwa is funny, you haven’t seen shit yet.

Now I leave the choice to you.

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