Handling a long distance relationship-utachoraje?


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In this day and age we can all agree that is is possible ti fall for someone who is far out of reach- distance wise. You can only control so little when it comes to who you have feelings for. Being human is another factor that lets us get away with such. So how are you to deal with feelings of someone who is miles away from you?

(Side bar: If it’s mutual, it could work itself out for the better. You know, in the way you want it to work out. So, there’s a big difference between you liking them and reciprocated feelings.I just hope that you are calling your Instagram stalking a ‘relationship.’)

Think! Think! Think!– the first step you could really make is think of the situation. They like you back, so what? Is something that you really want? How will you chora this situation? Are you going to commit yourself to this situation? Think of the sacrifices a relationship will cost you once you decide to elevate it from just a crush.

Plan-make a plan for the future’s end result ahead of time. isn’t the end goal of a long distance relationship to end up together? One of you might be forced to move colleges or you can also decide to meet hlfway;but ostky move

Communicate– by now it is clear that communication is the backbone of nay relationship/crush situation. If you feel stuck in this spot with your long distance crush, you must talk to them about it. If they really care about you, they won’t have a problem talking to you about this.Trust me.

Avoid social media– again, in this day and age, social media could impact your crush/relationship negatively or positively…mostly negatively.The best thing to do is keep it but delete or unfollow them. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat—I know you’re going to be watching every single thing they do.  Best no to follow them to avoid jumping into conclusions.

How else would you chora a long distance relationship?




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