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The rap game is about to change in a big way with the introduction of the rookie rapper, Victor Buyuka aka Icy Lando. Proudly hailing from Kayole, the multi-talented singer, rapper and producer has a lot of experience for a rookie in the industry. Having been inspired to do music by his elder sister, who was a member of an RnB singing group, Icy has had a very strong musical background. He started writing music at the age of 12 as a hobby which later developed to be his favourite part-time activity.

In high school, he joined one of the most popular high school choirs in the country which at that time was the Pumwani High School Choir. His talent categorised him among the elite crop of singers in the choir and so he earned a place in the Kenyan Boys Choir. He also got the opportunity to represent the country in the USA and work with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Demi Lovato as a background singer; an experience he credits for shaping his music career.

He also took two years to sing in the Kenyan Boys Choir after high school to gain the necessary skills and experience that he required to launch his music career. He is now ready to exude that massive experience into the local music industry and set the standards for all upcoming and even established artistes. Having been blessed to be flexible with his creativity, he can sing and rap which gives him an added advantage heading into the industry. He says, he waited for quite some time before joining the industry, with the sole reason being that he wanted to gain adequate experience to ensure he was feeding his fans quality content. Now that he is confident
he has what it takes, he gave us a taste of what is to come with his new debut track ‘elevate’.

In this track, ‘elevate’, he teamed up with celebrated UK producer N-Geezy to create a magical tune which he terms as a disruption in the local rap scene. With high- quality visual production and a touch of N-Geezy magic, the track can be termed as one of the best high-quality productions of the year so far. The track also reveals his flexible nature where he both sings and raps. Even though the track is a trap song, he insists that he is a very talented rapper who is very passionate about rap music and not just mumble rap. With other projects scheduled for release this year, we can’t wait to get the full picture of what Icy Lando has to offer in the industry.


Within that spectrum of speculation as to what his next project would be, Icy Lando also hints at adoring certain artistes like Khaligraph Jones and Boutross Munene who are contributing to the development of rap music in the industry. Whether he is pursuing collabos with these hit makers or not still remains uncertain but the interest is clearly evident. We can’t rule out a possibility after all.

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