Bros before hoe's!


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I have always been adamant about staying loyal to the bros. Just like Kendrick said ‘them hoes can do you no good’ and trust you me, they won’t do you any better than your bros will. It’s unforgivable and most of all evil to ditch a bro simply because you landed some random booty on the dance floor and you ‘trynna’ smash. That’s the betrayal of a lifetime! I’m not against impressing that chick so that you can taste that cookie but always remember, bros come before hoes! Loyalty over Love! 21 Savage couldn’t have said it better.

The first rule of life is family always. Your brothers are your family, not a random chick you picked up at a club the other day and now you think she loves you. The squad knows you better than anyone else. They have gone through tough experiences with you and still, they have stuck by your side. They never betrayed you to get laid.

They lent you money when you were broke, they drove you home when you were drunk, they visited you at the hospital when you were sick, they helped you look for a job when you had none, they gave you lifts when you didn’t have fare! That’s true family right there. You never betray family! Before you betray your hommies ask yourself, who will you turn to when you are in trouble? You already know the answer. The people who always have your back, your true family, your bros.

Don’t let that one-time tap make you lose a whole family. You will see how these chicks will avoid you like the plague when you are in trouble. Or worse, you fail to pull out and there it is, she’s pregnant! That’s when you will realize she isn’t the angel you met last night, but a demon waiting to be unchained. Good guys don’t always win. Reality is often disappointing, but it’s the truth.


There are those guys who like pretending to be the good guys, the gentlemen, the ones who aren’t always after sex. They change their lifestyles, they stop hanging out with the clique, and they stop partying and start all this family guy, responsible guy bullshit! My guy, whether you met her at the church or the club, she is not worth you turning your back on the clique, leave alone changing your lifestyle.

She will only use you and dump you like any other regular guy. In fact, you might end up not even tapping that ass after months of chasing her and changing just to impress her. Girls like bad boys, so to save yourself all that hustle hit the nail on the head, every man wants sex at the end so stop beating around the bush. If she isn’t comfortable, thank you, next.


Lastly, sharing is caring. Instead of shoving your bro away because you both have interest in the same girl, why not just share. Remember, loyalty over love. Even if you love her so much, loyalty still conquers all. You can as well share. But don’t make the mistake of letting her know. Just hit it below the radar. You can even create a schedule so that you know who visits when. Bros before hoes!

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