HoneyMoon Stage is over.What to do next?


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When you are in campus, relationships tend to fade away with time. The kissing become less and less.The long phone calls reduce and boom!You just know that the honeymoon phase is over for you. So what do you do when you find yourself in such a situation with your s/o?

Re-evaluate your relationship- when in campus, sometimes it is all about the sex and you juts do not realise it until the passing fling is over.Relationships at the end of the day are all about your love and trust between each other. However, there are so many signs screaming out that your relationship is unhealthy! Many people ignore the signs and end up having their heart broken tenfold than if they simply read them early on and figure out that’s not what they deserve.

Expect to get annoyed- generally speaking, the objective of relationship advice is to minimize friction between romantic partners. We all want our relationships to run smoothly, and most couples would agree that it’s not great to drive each other nuts.when anything they do starts to annoy you, just know that the honeymoon stage is over

Be on the regular- keep some consistency in the relationship.The same things that attracted you from day one should be the same things that keep your fire burning. If you are still jumping on each other,good  for you! It’s good to keep saying nice things to each other and remind each other how much you mean to each other. People can fall into the habit of not doing that after the ‘honeymoon phase’ since you get so comfortable together.

Spice it up- if the old things do not work. You could plan a date night.Take a trip together.Try a new hobby as a couple.Go out on a double date.Surprise your significant other.Take some “me” time.

Don’t get comfortable!- you’re finally comfortable in the relationship and you don’t have to worry about wearing makeup and uncomfortable jeans all the time.Enjoy and cherish every bit of getting a little closer, and your s/o becomes your go-to guy on a lot of tough conversations (like money, and life post-grad). The relationship only gets better with time.






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