Sex Injuries to avoid!


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Sex is often an aftermath of well brewed love or lust . Every single move and effort in bed should add up to the race towards an orgasm.

The truth of the matter however, is that sex could result in unimaginable injuries. You all know that everything when done in excess could be disastrous. Sex is not an exception.There’s only too much that the penis and vagina can take. That being the case, all moves in bed should be done in moderation. Otherwise you may become a victim to such injuries in bed :

.Cat injuries.

It’s a wise decision to enjoy sex in the absence of your cat. Innocent as your cat looks, she could be desiring a three-sum only that the opportunity hasn’t knocked in yet. if you are the rough type of person in bed , your cat may attack you in defense of the victim of ‘sexual torture’ . You won’t fight off your cat will you ?

2.Missing condoms

The sex could get extra spicy and rough until your CDs and or tampons go MIA, literally. They could get lost in the deep ends of your vagina while pushed deep by the penis.

A visit to the gynaecologist could do you good . Other than that, you can relax 10_15 minutes after the sex ,(that’s when the vagina will retain it’s normal size) after which you can insert two fingers and pull it out gently

3 . ‘Broken’ Penis.
There are so many shots that the penis can pound . Y’all know when it’s enough to pound the meat.Avoid going overboard while pumping the shots as it may result in a bent penis. The tubes responsible for blood supply to the penis could rupture resulting in a snapping sound and a swollen penis. This however is not a common injury. Avoid rough sex or see yourself move from the bedroom bed to the hospital .

4.Vaginal Tearing.
As much as the vagina is a tough organ, a dry vagina during sex, would result in tears and bruises on the vaginal walls . 

Enough foreplay paves way for a warm and moist vagina after which penetration wouldn’t be harmful. Tagging a lubricant along during sexual activity also saves the day for the cookie.

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