Be the best wingman/lady


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So you are chilling at your favourite spot off campus and you spot a few fine lads/lasses. Your best friend definitely wants to win them over and get their attention. They might approach you and your friends, or they might decide to come over your way. Either way, you are here and this is your bud’s chance to ingiza this person box. Whatever vibing situation might be with you and your friends, you want to help them by winging it. How do you become the best wing man/lady your bff ever had?

Motivate them- advise them on when to spring into action and when to cool their jets. While they focus on their target, you should survey the whole area, scanning for other potentials in the case plan A fails. However, do not divert attention away from your bff in the case that your main interest may feel disengaged.

Go undercover– a good wingman is also a good intelligence agent. He/she will gather info on the desired girl/guy from her/his friends. He/she will let you know if she/he has a boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever your situation may be, dong this will definitely make you a great wingman.

Don’t force them to do anything- your role is always to lift them up, not to make them uncomfortable. Of course, sometimes, everyone needs a little nudge, but as her/his bestie, you’ll know if they’ve put on all the breaks and is shutting down. Read the signs and don’t strong arm them into being someone they are not. If they don’t want to do all the crazy stuff in the club, don’t make them.

Carry the embarrassment if you need to- take a bullet for the, of cure not a literal one. If a conversation with a sexy stranger starts to go south, figure out how you can DISTRACT. Or maybe approaching the potential guy/chick of their dreams is the awkward part, so you gotta go do it for her.

Remember the night/day is about your bff- don’t talk about yourself. That is exactly what a wingman is for. praising your bff, not you. Rule number 1, don’t talk about yourself. Rule number 2, refer to number 1. Don’t flirt with the hot stranger you were supposed to be introducing them to.

Know when it’s time to get outta there- worst case scenario would be rejection. Know when to save yourselves from the embarrassment of being chased away, this time literally. You do not want you and your bff looking like weirdos for insisting on the other party too much hence creeping them out.

Happy winging!

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