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Ethiopian born pro traveller Maskarm Haille has visited more than 100 countries. She has documented the trips in her book “Abyssinian Nomad”. She explains how she traversed the Africa continent from Cape Town to Cairo, entrusting her safety to strangers. The experience was inspired since she was a little girl. Here are tips she shared on how to become a pro traveller.

Understand travelling. There is a difference between travelling and visiting. Travelling has no set or rigid itinerary. It is a whole experience that involves interacting with the locals to understand their culture. Visiting on the other hand is going to popular and beautiful countries just for the fun of it. A tourist sees what he has come to see and eventually leaves without meeting and interacting with the locals. ‘Travelling isn’t all easy and fun. It has many challenges that one should be aware of before embarking on the trips’, Haille explains. To an extent it may influence change in your beliefs because of the different cultures.

Be open minded. Travelling exposes one to new experiences. Be ready to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Weather patterns, food and systems are some of different things in every country. It would not hurt trying such things. Experience is the best teacher.

Plan and research. You just don’t wake up one morning and decide to pack your things and leave to a foreign country. First, you need to figure out what your purpose is, why are you going into this new country? You also need to sort out your accommodation. Haille advises that she saved on costs by finding a local person who housed her. By doing that she spent less money on accommodation.


Follow your dream. Many of the youths would think of money first. The two top questions are, how does she get the money to fund her trips and does pro travelling bring money? Since her dream was always travelling the world, Haille would run normal jobs to get the money to fund her trips. ‘If your dream is to travel, you will do anything for it. Follow your dream first, then the money will come later’, she says with a grin.

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