How To Break Up With A Girl…Nicely


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At some  point in our lives sh** happens and we have to end relationships and move on. It is however not an easy decision to do the break up especially when it is the guy dumping the girl. I got to admit,we tend to be very emotional whether the mistake is ours or the guy’s. From a girl’s perception, you need to know how to break up with a girl nicely, whether she is the nicest person on earth or an a**hole. Unless you want to traumatize her, your goal is to end things. So, fellas, here some of the ways you can chora that break up.

No break up texts- rule number one- do not break up via text! Meeting a girl face to face will not only earn you nice-guy points but will give room for the two of you to talk about it drama-free..hopefully!Once  you have searched yourself and concludes that ending things is the right thing, go ahead and call her up to arrange for a one on one.Make her as comfortable as possible and allow her to get all the closure she needs.

Treat her with respect- meeting her in person is the first sign of respect.Respecting her time is also very necessary. For example, breaking up with a girl just after losing a loved one is the worst move ever! Not allowing her to voice her feelings is also inconsiderate and very disrespectful. Also, do not go announcing to your close friends that you’ve been there done that and got over it.

Don’t play the blame game- dudes are definitely allergic to drama more than women are. We get that. So in order to avoid this ‘drama’ do not blame them.You might want to consider that the relationship consisted of two imperfect human beings who both made mistakes a long the way. The blame should not be one-sided.

Don’t take it to social media- given these days and setting, it is possible to take the break up to social media. This is the time you should be careful to not post any post that might hint your break up. A joke, a meme or whatever you choose to post. Just don’t! It will be the lamest and pettiest move ever!

Prepare to handle her emotions- as a gentleman, the best thing you can ever do to make the break up easy for you and her is to get ready to handle any reaction after breaking the news in the best way possible. She just got dumped by you so she will experience a range of emotions.Understand that she is grieving. Give her a hug or something.

Don’t tolerate communication- the best thing to do after the break up is done is to not do anything. Do not call the dumpee back because you’ll be giving her mixed messages. Give her the time to recuperate from the breakup.

Offer to talk it out when the time is right- there is a thin line between offering to talk and leading them on to nothing. Do not offer to be friends with them. No one wants to be friends with someone they were lovers with. Most girls might need some form of closure so do not shut them out. When she is calm, give that listening ear and be ready to answer and clear questions.

There you go! I am not a relationship expert, but that is just my honest of opinions. Happy dumping!



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