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You are an intern, or you just got a job. You are happy because now you are no longer unemployed. You are a career girl, a woman with her own salary. But then, there is that boss of yours. Or even that coworker who is a few steps ahead professionally. He is sending suggestive looks, occasionally letting his hands “apologetically” slip on your body; and some even go boldly to say he wants to sleep with you.

It is the worst thing to happen to you. You just want to work, earn your schmoney, and go home. Is that too much to ask? How do you deal with this situation that has now befallen you?

Keep Account of Everything.

By account, it might be flirty texts he said, or even telling anyone about it so she can be your witness. Remember, when you report him to HR, which is the next step, it will be his word against yours. It will help if you have evidence.

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Report him to HR.

Do not let it slide just because he is the boss or has the power to shatter your career. He might, but think of this; would you like it if someone else went through what you are going through? So report him, the HR might be lenient, but remember, he will do it again. And your courage will allow others to speak up.

Keep it completely professional.

I know it is not your intention that he is doing this. He is the pig here. But once he starts acting like that, make sure you be firm and professional whenever you talk to him. Being extra friendly will only cause trouble once you report him.


Do not accept gifts or money from him.

I have no idea who told men that once you gift a woman she is entitled to sleep with you. Once you accept that gift, you are compromising yourself. He will feel like you owe him, and again, your report later might not hold as much ground.



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