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As we grow up, we learn A LOT. Socially, school stuff, relationships and legal stuff as well. We start to feel entitled to things. We tend to make changes where need be or ask for change and implementation to be made where necessary. Well, eventually, we get involved in to adult stuff and asking the government to make society better for us is one of them.So what happens when our voices is not well heard? We take it to the streets. How peacefully and well done is this though? You want to demonstrate, yes? But are you doing it legally? Here is how to demonstrate as according to the constitution:

Plan ahead

Be informed of the parties that will participate in your demonstrate. Clearly note down what exactly you are demonstrating for with your team members. Do not go down to the streets with no valid explanation as to why you are against something. Get all the necessary plans done. Whether its banners or the route map to the youth ministry offices, plan ahead!

Organize yourself

Every person has the right, peaceably and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket, and to present petitions to public authorities. Get the qualities of the demonstration right in order to achieve peace at the end of the day. Organizing yourselves and the entire team will also get you somewhere to the people or bodies you are demonstrating against. It will also set a civilized pace for people to hear you out.

Use non- violent means of communication

The reason as to why peeps get in trouble with the popos is because of the throw-a-stone culture that we have invested in. We have even learnt tricks of how to do it. It is all fun and games,cat and mouse until one of us is caught. If you want to rightfully claim something then rightfully ask for it. Pick up civilization and communicate in all means possible without having to involve violence.

You will find that most of the times cops are sent out to the streets to protect you and your demonstration squad. So do not let them protect others because of the violence you stir up.


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