Last minute dress up parte after parte!


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A last minute parte after parte can has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is having to go home with your Friday night short dress and it is on a Saturday Morning. The walk of shame is unbearable. Kwanza if you are javing. You have to deal with ugly stares from mamas who can’t mind their own business.

This can no longer be a problem for you. Here are tips of turning any guy’s clothes into yours. If the guy is smaller than you, I am sorry, there is no help there.


This is the first life saver hack. The Nairobi night life is not close to being polite. In the morning you wake up and you look like death. You no longer have your lashes on, your eyebrows have been rubbed off and for some you do not even know where your wig is. Putting on a hat will cover up the mess.


If you wake up in a big guy’s house, then it is your lucky day. His closet basically turns into your dress shopping place. There are so many clothes you can put on as a dress. From is shirts, to his t shirts to his cardigans. All you need is a belt and folding the sleeves.


Hoodies are a girl’s first love. There is no debate in this. Hoodies are another amazing way to cover up your crazy night. The bigger the hoodie, the better you will look. Hoodies go with anything. From jeans to tights to skirts and to some extent a dress. This depends on how well you know to style it.


Tuck his tee into a pair of jeans and throw on a button-down sweater of your own. Wear it un-tucked over leggings and pair it with a longer cardigan. There is something cute when a girl is in oversized clothes. You can even pull off his blazer or jacket.

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