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It is becoming more and more apparent that this quarantine situation is not ending any time soon. Our savings are running out, job allowances being cut, and the fear of running out of money rising.  We need something to bring in cash, and if that thing also keeps the boredom away, well and good.

Here are five things you can do to earn money during quarantine:

  1. Freelancing Online Writing  and Transcribing Jobs.

You have heard of them before right? Academic/ Article writing jobs. Most of the guys in campus do it to earn some extra pocket money? Well, at this time, these writing jobs can also just come to your save.

Some are like Textbroker which you write articles for websites, Verbit that you translate the spoken word to written words.


      2. YouTube: Creative Content Creating

Content Creating always seems like the simplest yet hardest thing to do. I mean, these are people, doing normal activities, telling us about their days in such a manner that leaves us glued to their content, and for them, they earn from that. That is their profession.

Can you imagine how much they are earning especially now that most people have nothing better to do? Well, you could be one of those people. All you need is content, a good ass camera, know or know someone who has great camera skills and thick skin of course. It won’t be all rainbows, but it could keep you sane during this time.

  1. Learn Crocheting or any other craft and sell your products online

Someone will argue that this method does not make sense because first, who are you crocheting for? No one is going out. Yeah, but that does not mean it will be like this forever does it? And besides, you can decide to crotchet masks which will sell like crazy during this period.


This feels so much like the second point, which it is, but much easier. Blogging is one career that entirely depends on the number of views, which, during lockdown when people are practically living in their computer devices, do you really need to struggle in getting those views?

You just have to identify the type of content you want to put out there, identify your target audience, and open that WordPress account, easy peasy.

Though a tiny little detail you might want to know is in order to start earning from WordPress, you need to first pay for the domain and then be able to have a large number of views, of course after integrating google AdSense or pay per view.


  1. Sell your Used things online

We all have those clothes or things in the house that we know we will never use, yet we insist on hoarding them. This is that time to get read of them and get paid in the process. A site like eBay will be great in doing this.

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