Switch up your sex game!


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Change is as good as rest. Being stuck to the old routine in bed will only make your Lungula turn out to be boring. Lungula can only be enjoyed with an open mind (and body of course?) yet some people overlook that bit. Here are things to concentrate on;

  1. Chuma Ya Doshi Vs Toothpick.

It’s unwise to sulk at the sight of small dangling manhood. There’s more to sex than the size of a dick. Focus more on how good it can bang your cookie. Don’t boast when you get hold of a big fish, it could be big and tasteless. Or too heavy to skim to your G-spot.

  1. What about the gender?

Sex is not all about the gender anymore, focus on the personality of your sex partner. And of course what he / she has to offer between the sheets. If you’ve had the taste of a rod between your punani, why not savour the taste of a cookie sliding on your punani? Say cookie for cookie (wink) .They say what a man can do a woman can do better.

  1. The Sex City.

You could get a specific spot to unleash your sex escapades yeah that will be your sex city, where you can relish your sexual fantasies. Alternatively, you could try it in new places, like in the lift, on your desk at work, or at the corridor to your boss’ office. It will bring good memories every time you walk by that place. The sex city is a good place to unleash your sexual side, the anxiety it brings only makes you cum way faster.


  1. New Position!

You got to tilt and attain a new angle to get your shots well served .Have you being receiving your shots as you lay aimlessly like a crab? Why don’t you try pinning your head on the floor as you cycle (literally) and receive your shots in the air? Remember to tell me about the magical feeling that clouds you once you hit the climax and how you finally come tumbling down.

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