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Social media platforms have made it easier for young entrepreneurs to have their own offices at the comfort of their homes. Instagram is the best social media platform for brands to engage with the audience. The following are tips on how to grow your business on Instagram.

Create a business account. An attractive profile is what it takes to capture the attention of your audience. Have a brief description on your bio explaining what goods and services your business offers. Add links that will re-direct your audience to the business website. An added advantage of having your account as a business profile is that it has additional contact options and also gives you insight on your business performance.

Get numbers. In order to have effective engagement you must have followers. Getting the numbers will take sometime but with consistent strategy and effort in posting you be good to go.

Create a unique theme. It takes eccentric themes to capture your followers attention. Look for what will make your brand stand out. Make your office attractive and tidy.

Shout out your customers. Show your customers some love and you be surprised how it will create traffic to your page. Appreciated customers tend to recommend their experiences with products to their friends. Do not forget to tag them too.

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