Tricks on how to hack EPL season!


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The most-watched premier league is back. Ladies, you do know what this means. Men will have an excuse to stay up till late in the clubs, have boys’ night outs and worst of all pay you less attention. This is definitely the worst time for women. However, there are a few tricks you can use to get around the EPL season.

Develop an interest in the game. As much as football is not every girl’s cup of tea, there is nothing attractive like a girl who loves football.  Most girls don’t even know how many players there are in a field. This kind of ignorance is very understandable. Nevertheless, if you want to spend more time with your man, develop an interest. You do not have to know a team’s history and all. Just grasp the rules and the colour of the jersey and you are good to go. Along the way, you might find yourself hooked to the game just like your man.

Ask as minimal questions as you can. Take it like this, you are watching your favourite TV show and someone is constantly asking you about the characters. It is annoying, right? That is the same way men feel when you keep asking questions. You can bank the questions and maybe ask them after the game or during half time. Do not distract him when the game is going on.

Be patient . The game is only ninety minutes. After that, give your man a grace period of one hour to discuss the game. Following that, he is all yours. Men do the same for us too. They take time to watch some of our ‘strange’ choices of movies, watch fashion blogs with us, deal with our mood swings and all they ask for is ninety minutes of undisrupted peace. That’s not too much to ask for, right?

Keep yourself busy. If you’ve tried with everything in you to like football and it’s not matching your vibe, it’s also okay. After all, we cannot force ourselves to like something. You can keep yourself busy with something else like maybe watch YouTube. This sounds like torture but it’s only for a while. After that y’all can do something together with your man.

Make new friends. If your man brought you to the club to watch football with his buddies, his buddies most likely brought their girls too. And all of you are facing the same football death sentence. This is a good opportunity to make new friends and keep each other company. If you already know each other, the better.


Bottom line is, football is such a big deal for men. The way you want them to pay attention to things like your favourite colour or your favourite song is the same way they wish their girls had an interest in football. A little compromise wouldn’t hurt much.

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