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It is the day something of Quarantine, (I mean, we have all lost count right?) and the working from home is getting more and more challenging as days pass. Somedays, you might feel like you are running out of your mind; especially if the workload is so much and you are tired of staying in the same house, the same position for weeks on end.

So how might you reduce this boredom before it kills you? Here are some tips:

Make Your work fun.

I know. I heard it too when I read it. I mean telling someone who is bored to just have fun instead is like telling a depressed person to just decide to be happy.

But it does work. You just have to find a way of making you work into a fun activity. How? You ask?

The first thing you might try is making a challenge out of it.

If you are writing that paper that needs to submitted in five hours; try making a challenge on finishing a particular task by an hour. Of course, you will have to divide these tasks first. And when you finish the task in the time you set for yourself; it will bring you some sort of satisfaction that will motivate you to continue with the rest of the tasks.

You can also do these challenges with some of your colleagues and make a game out of it. That would make it even more fun.

Change your Working from Home set Up:


Let’s face it. You have stared at the same wall or sat at the same seat for weeks on end. I mean you are bound to feel pretty bored with that set up you got there. It can actually really demotivate you, especially nowadays where nothing changes, the days seem to be on some kind of loop and the workload keeps on increasing.

Changing the setup of your home office can clear your mind, and keep the boredom away.


Reward Yourself.

There’s no enough times that I will stop saying this. Rewarding yourself for a work well done can go a very long not only to motivate you but also to give you some kind of psychological goody-feeling that will keep you going.

So anytime you finish a task, take five minutes to scroll through social media, text or call a friend, watch a funny clip or simply just grab a snack.



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