How to know if you are falling for your FWB


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Also known as ‘Friends With Benefits.’So if  you are two friends who have a sexual  relationship without being emotionally involved, then I am talking to you. If you have started showing some signs that tell you to talk to your partner about more possibilities, then you need more than the friendship.So how do you know when you are catching feelings?

The hookups are more meaningful-  when your hook ups start becoming  less and less physical, this is another big indicator.If it starts becoming more of hanging out and genuine enjoying each other’s company, then that road is crystal clear leading the two of you to destination feelings.

You chat a bit too much- typically, FWBs only holla at each each other when they want to get between the sheets and that is pretty much it. Texting throughout the day, therefore, is a huge time commitment and most people tend to get bored of the typically meaningless conversations.

 You get jealous- if both of you are starting to see that you want more exclusivity in your friendship, then that is a huge indicator. Most people get into beneficial friendships because they are avoiding relationships. When you see your S/O talking to someone else and you feel a pinch down your stomach, then yes!Talk it out because you are definitely getting jealous.

You share more and more- a relationship takes a lot more than physical interaction and it’s important to have chemistry outside of the bedroom. When sex is no longer  a huge factor and bonding takes more of your time, then that may be a sign you’re ready for more.

What other signs show that you are catching feelings for your FWB?


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