Size is never a factor when it comes to booty play!


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Most men love women with big booty, and ladies too seem to admire men with booty; an ass they can grab. A sizeable ass, not one which is heavier than theirs of course. Having a partner with an ass to spank is one thing and handling that butt is another thing.

Some partners (the absurd and unsexy nerds) don’t see the essence of a booty in bed, they plainly ignore it and go about their other moves in bed. That’s for the ungrateful and inconsiderate partners who need some whipping. For some of us who appreciate ass, we just have a way with our itchy fingers. The ass must be spanked, right? Doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Here’s how to please your partner with booty play:

  1. Spanking.

You can add a painful sensation as well as pleasure to your partner by spanking. Spanking during foreplay, increases the circulation in the bum area as well as increases wonderful sensations. You could spank your partner with an object or hand without necessarily having to inflict pain. Surprising your partner with spanks increases their anticipation as well as excitement in bed. Cup your hands while you spank your partner and aim at the fleshier parts of their bum.


  1. Rim job.

If you want to be a bit adventurous in bed, you could try rimming your partner. This involves, using your tongue to lick her anal area. Precisely, it’s just plainly eating out your partner’s butt-hole. However, before you both resolve to this, you have to maintain proper hygiene before and after the rim jobs. Wash your mouth and anal area properly as well as your partner’s. Remember to use a dental dam to curb the spread of bacteria.

  1. Flogging.

Some partners are turned on by using whips to increase wonderful sensations to their partners in bed. Using a flogger all depends on what you and your partner will agree on. Most floggers with many tails produce tingly sensations, heavier floggers produce thuds on your partner. Communication with your partner is crucial in knowing what works best for you and your lover. You can swirl the flogger on your partner’s bum , for them to be accustomed to the feel of the flogger, thereafter flog the whip on their bum and alternate the intensity as well as pressure to see what works for both of you .You can also swirl the flogger on your partner’s most sensitive parts for wonderful sensations.


  1. Fingering.

We all know about the p-spot yeah? The prostrate is located two to three inches up your man’s rectum. Swirl your tongue around his anus as well as thrust it in and out your partner’s anus to wet it as well as preparing him for fingering. Afterwards, you can use lube and slide a finger or two in his anus. Rub the prostrate in a “come-here motion”, rub your fingers up and against his prostrate until him cums.

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