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DM basically means direct messaging. This is a bold move that requires confidence and thick skin because being rejected is very real. However, this a classic move of all time in this era. It’s the best-proven shortcut to getting intimate with someone you have been long crushing on, most often on Instagram. As the saying goes, ‘it goes down in the DM’ but as you know, the DM can also prove to be one of your worst nightmares in this screenshot generation.

Therefore as much as it looks very simple, it actually requires a lot of effort and caution before you can actually hack it. Your moves have to be as smooth as possible and you have to be as sleek as a python striking with speed when the opportunity presents itself. And make sure you seize your prey and wrap your coil around it until you remain dominant within their DMs.

However, most of the time this isn’t always the case. Most DM ventures often end up horribly wrong or end up traumatizing the people involved. And the sole reason being, most ‘bad DM sliders’ fail to be smooth and end up being creepy, disrespectful and inappropriate. They misjudge their target’s personality and boundaries. Trying to turn an instant online venture into a romantic adventure while you’re still complete strangers with the feeling not being reciprocated is just a recipe for disaster.


The same goes to her feed, just because she posts semi-nude photos doesn’t mean she is an online hoe and that doesn’t justify your sexual moves. Sliding into the DM is an act of sending a message with the intention of having a private and discreet conversation on a one-on-one territory but knowing that it might go public anytime. It’s like flirting in public. You have to be sleek. And here are simple guidelines to becoming a guru in this game.

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