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Social media has played a big role in the photography field. Photographers are now able to share their work with no hustle at all. Applications such as you tube, pinterest and instagram are perfect platforms to showcase various talents of photography. Here are some steps to start a photo you tube channel.

Make a plan. Before opening a photo you tube channel, brainstorm on ideas and content that you will be posting. Always remember ‘content is King’. You also need to present your work as unique as possible. Figure out the kind of audience you want to attract and why. Think about what you offering a potential subscriber.

Shooting and Editing. Shooting a video is easy but when it comes to editing that’s where the biggest challenge is. For beginners use simple video editors like iMovie and as you progress get into more detailed softwares like Final Cut Pro and Adobe readers. You can also learn through you tube tutorials on how to edit your photos.

Consistency is key. Create a schedule. Will you be posting every day, every week or every monthly? Whatever you decide be sure you can actually deliver it. Consistency goes hand in hand with making a plan. But still don’t exhaust your topics with over posting.

Interact with your viewers. Once your channel has grown with more subscribers, comments are very likely. It’s important to reply to those comments since the viewers will feel like they are part of your channel. Constructive criticism will help you improve on your content . You need to have thick skin for negative comments because they will always be there.


Have Fun. Don’t take it too seriously, enjoy every bit and have fun. Be yourself. You will create much more engaging content having an original persona.

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