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The music recording industry is very special. Helping known and unknown artists on the path to success is an exciting prospect. People who love music and like to be around music typically gravitate to this business. Street smart is one of the essential gifts in this kind of business. Here are tips on starting a recording studio business.

Take time to Learn. how the game works establishing and running a studio is not an easy task. First of all, you must be a producer or hire a good one if you are to have any chance of signing an artiste. You need to know who not to step on to and who not to work with. This is for your safety within the game. You also need to understand what it takes to release a selling album or hits! To achieve this, you must take time to understand the game or get someone who understands the game better.

Establish the necessary connections. The key secret to success within the entertainment space is connections. Without them, your survival chances are as dim as a dying candle. You must know people who can get you the best producers within the industry to work with your studio, that’s the only way you will build a reputation. You will also need established acts to endorse your studio or endorse some of your clientele to increase the attractiveness of your studio. It is through these connections that you will get to attract more clients and establish a bond with them.


Know either your hood or region and target clients.You always need to know which hood you represent. This also applies to your potential clients. You have to know their culture and what kind of music they consume for you to customise.

Secure space. Securing a space for your studio should not be hard. You don’t have to start with a high-end facility in uptown with expensive equipment and a luxuriously furnished space. You can actually start a studio at home,in the backyard, or even in a single room. What is important is the safety of your equipment and accessibility of your space. Some of the greatest record labels were started as home studios.

Have a business plan. A business plan always comes in handy when securing loans through investors or lending institutions. However, this is usually hard if you don’t have substantial names already recording in your studio. Projection of profits and growth prospects can always be a bit tricky for startups but just as any business, we all have to start from somewhere.

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